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Group Training

The average American speaks 16,000 to 20,000 words a day. For many professions, speaking well is the single most critical skill. Has your team ever received training about how to prepare, write, and deliver their ideas? Available for groups of 3 to 30, custom workshops (from two-hour blocks to full day workshops) will apply the I Have Something to Say method to teach:

Team-Wide Best Practices (Participants will walk away with a template for speech and presentation preparation which will never fail)

Virtual Meeting Best Practices – (How do you read the room when there’s no room? Participants will walk away with a checklist of how to make the most of virtual meetings)

How to establish and maintain culture in a disconnected world?

Live Event

(available for groups of 5 to 200). 45-120 minute Zoom presentation. Open your team’s mind to the biggest subject we never think about: speech. For the Greeks and Romans, there was no subject more important. Today, it’s a lost art -- and 74% of Americans suffer from speech anxiety. Participants will leave with a template for speech and presentation preparation and a set of simple, repeatable techniques for communicating more credibly and persuasively. These principles apply to everything we do, from branding to Zoom meetings, sales pitches and presentations to conference calls. Use the Q&A period to solve your team’s specific problems in real time using the I Have Something to Say principles.

Presentation Development

The same principles that make for a great individual speech or presentation apply equally to filmed and multimedia presentations.

Use the I Have Something To Say method to write, develop, and produce the coordinated team effort required to create effective, focused, entertaining, full-scale representations of your company and its products and services.

John Bowe’s ideas were so eye-opening. We keep talking about his three points and how much sense they make. If you review every less-than-persuasive presentation you've ever given and apply his clear and simple tools, you'll see how to connect better with your audience next time and speak more convincingly.

Principals, SHoP Architects

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