Consulting and Services

Interview Preparation (Live, Video,     and Zoom)

Job interviews demand detailed, prepared answers in a format that comes naturally to no one. To make matters more challenging, this daunting process now requires camera skills as well (Zoom, Webex, pre-recorded video, etc).

Why waste time stressing or squandering opportunities through lax preparation? A few hours of guided writing and coaching will allow you to articulate your strengths and achieve the result you deserve.

Speech, Pitch, and Presentation Writing and Coaching

The art of giving clear, persuasive presentations has less to do with confidence than it does with careful preparation. Yet few of us, however educated, have ever received training in how to prepare a presentation. The I Have Something to Say Method will guide you step-by-step to think about your audience, to deliver your message in the way they need to hear it, and to reap the benefits of authentic, connected communication. Once learned, this critical skill-set will never fail.

Media / Zoom Training

Once upon a time (until about March of 2020, to be precise), few of us needed to look sharp on camera. Today, we all do. As the pandemic wears on, unprofessional Zoom presence has begun to wear thin. Stop improvising and learn the basics of home video etiquette, from lighting and background management to eye contact and meeting preparation. This basic skills upgrade will transform the way you and your message are received.

Executive Presence Development and Coaching

Few of us possess the balance and self-awareness required to inspire constructive, productive behavior in every interaction. While the key to team-building begins with superior communication, the core of seasoned leadership lies in disciplined listening skills. Don’t waste years hoping for a profound personality change when a few hours of practice can help you save years of career stagnation.

John Bowe’s ideas were so eye-opening. We keep talking about his three points and how much sense they make. If you review every less-than-persuasive presentation you've ever given and apply his clear and simple tools, you'll see how to connect better with your audience next time and speak more convincingly.

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